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Why Choose Us

No Minimum Order

We don’t require minimum order quantities for any of our products. We tailor our equipment, supplies, and services to fit the needs of our customers. Therefore, we never put unfair minimum order quantities on our products. Contact us!

Product Variety

We design, develop, test, manufacture and market, a wide variety of fishing products in Greece but also in Europe and abroad. Due to our activity, we are forced to have products that meet the data of each country we export. Would you like to know more; Contact us!

We are fishermen too

There is no greater asset for a company when its owners are fishermen! We know all our products very well from 0 to the store shelf because we are always aware of the market demands and how to live unique moments while fishing with our products! Would you like to know more? Contact us!

High Quality

When you buy products for fishing, you should always pay attention to their quality. We have tested intensively all of our products, across all categories. Our professional, technical, and product knowledge, make us your highly qualified partner. Contact us for more!

Eco friendly products

Many anglers are taking steps to preserve their favorite spots – and species – for future generations to ensure fisheries continue to thrive. One of the best ways to practice sustainable fishing is to use biosilica on fishing lures. An added perk to these eco-friendly options is that the soft lures can be made in all colors and designs to attract your target fish just as effectively as traditional lures.

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