STARDUST powders are essentially color pigments in various colors, with special unique plastic polymer or rubber, which have the ability to homogenizes and become very sticky when heated.

They are odorless, have the property of waterproofing the lead weight, protecting it, and reducing the toxicity that it has as metal. They have 5 different fields. Colors – Camouflage – Sparkle – Luminous – UV.

Their greatest qualification is the camouflage variation of the fishing jig in natural colors, to suit most types of lake – river or sea bottoms. The fish do not understand the rigging, they bite more easily, they are not cunning, and so we have more careless and sure fish baits.

The camouflage variation is essential for fish that eat crawling on the bottom. So starting from the environment of freshwater we could definitely include them in our fishing of Bass, Perches, Pikes, Carp, Breams, trout, etc.

However, there is a peculiarity. Many fish have an innate curiosity to see up close something brightly colored, something that sparkles, or something that glows. There are so many organisms on fresh or sea waters, that sparkle or glowing…and that ability the fish knows is food. So sometimes we have to play with their curiosity. Many fish has been caught with bright colors UV or glow.

As we move on to how we will use STARDUST, we will realize that is easier than it sounds. And of course, it is! You can use it even while you are fishing! Heat well your jig with a small torch, deep it in the STARDUST powder for two seconds, heat again the powder so it is homogenized, and circle the jig, put eyes on… or not, deep it in water and shake it for 20 seconds… BOOM, READY TO FISH! It becomes very durable and has no dripping of the colors or anything like that.

Now that you know STARDUST and you have fished with all the rest…FISH WITH THE BEST!

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